Critique My Maps Please (Neptune RTP)

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Critique My Maps Please (Neptune RTP)

OmegaBlaze Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:07 pm

It doesn't look like you went wide open throttle in your city driving datalog, is that accurate?

Focus only on the Low Cam maps, since you don't have VTEC.

In the tune column 8 (930 mBar) is richer than column 9 and 10. Column 9 and 10 are for higher loads. This does not make sense from a tuning standpoint, especially since you are going beyond 930 in the datalog (959 I see as the highest point and it says atmospheric pressure is 1016mBar). Same goes for timing. Column 8 is reducing, then suddenly 9 and 10 are higher values. With interpolation at work this goes against what you actually want. You'll have a rich spike as you cross 930 and then it will lean out.

You're also going off the map during decel. The first column should be set to the minimum like a new basemap has it set. This should not have been changed.

My humble opinion is that the tuner needs additional work on this tune. To my trained eyes it appears incomplete. It's super easy to blame software. It's not always easy to admit you're wrong, especially to a customer. I hope this gets resolved, for your sake.

Thanks for the input. You're the first person to actually give detailed feedback on what you saw wrong. And you're correct. I didn't go WOT on the city pull. Could you edit the problem areas and send it back to me by any chance?
Long story short:
I got dyno tuned on Neptune, everything seemed great on the dyno.
Car comes off of dyno, I take the car for a test drive, Car wont rev past 4K (ECU or Neptune related?).
I tell the tuner, he says this is like the 5th car tuned on Neptune that has done this.
The tuner adjusted some fuel and ign maps. It fixed the 4k rev limit problem.
I drive the car home, pull the plugs and they're hella rich/fouled.
Very bad gas mileage and I can smell fuel from the exhaust.
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HRTuning Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:01 am

I cannot fix someone else's calibration for you unfortunately. I have no basis for what is good for the engine. You will need to find a good local tuner or have that tuner correct his mistakes.

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