wideband issues on neptune RTP

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wideband issues on neptune RTP

wolve Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:32 pm

Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me out here, i just made the switch from ectune to neptune due to their licensing crap. Back in 09 i was in between neptune and ectune, went for ectune but regretted it since calvin stopped supporting/developing it. Now very glad to have switched to neptune RTP, altough the software takes some time to get used to. Somehow it feels less polished and intuitive. But hey, i just switched so i need to get used to it.

But for the wideband i can't seem to get it right. I have set it up according to the Help section, but i experience the following issues and i can't fix them:
- the Gauge window displays only xx.00 values (so if it's 14.23 afr according to the pysical gauge and A/F ratio in the data screen, the gauge window displays 14.00 and jumps to 15.00 if the afr goes up)
- i can't adjust the values in the target A/F ratio window, they're stuck on 10.0
- if i change the target o2 voltage in the Closed Loop tab of the parameters to 2,5 volts (instead of the 2,0 volts standard) and save it to the rom, it looks like it's correct. Only if i turn on closed loop, it corrects the fuel map to 2,0 volts on the wideband. If i check what's on the rom by downloading the calibration, it's back at target o2 voltage of 2,0 volt. no matter how i save/upload, it won't stay at 2,5 volt?!?!? Closed loop is not an option this way....

Am i doing something wrong? I've been over everything a thousand times, but i'm flabbergasted!

Here are the pics of the settings https://photos.app.goo.gl/p7yLroSBHUquW7TH3


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