Help me get back in the game!!

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Help me get back in the game!!

tjturbo56 Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:39 pm

Sooooo...Iíve been out of the game for a while and need some help with getting my engine tuned.

Letís rewind 13yrs to ~2004...

Iím 25yrs old working in Houston,TX as a tech at Honda Performance Specialists aka HPS. At the time I was rolling a 93 4DR Accord with a JDM DOHC F22B engine and M2B4 transmission. I had Matt with OneFab build me a custom top-mount manifold for my T3/60-1 turbo. Jason Herrera aka Stoopid aka StoopidFast burned all the i/c piping together. He also dyno tuned the setup at Auto Logic using NepTune software. The engine made 351whp/303wtq at 15psi. Ran low 13s@108s spinning on street tires. It was a blast to drive. Sprinkle two toddlers into the mix and my performance build days quickly came to an end Sad

Letís fast forward 13yrs to Dec 2017...

Iím 38yrs old. Working south of Houston in Kemah, TX. My two kids are in high school now and itís time for dad to get back in the! I still have EVERYTHING from my Accord build except the Accord. I shoehorned the entire setup into a 93 4DR Civic. The Civic is some 800lbs lighter than the Accord and should be waaaay quicker! The problem is that I can not find anyone that will tune my NepTune ecu. Itís a grey plug PR4 usdm ecu with the soldered-in socket and removable ?32pin? chip.

How do I go about getting my fuel and ignition maps adjusted??? I really donít have the $$ to buy a whole new system for the ecu. Is there a way I can do it myself using what I already have??? It canít be rocket science. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance!


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