D16Z6, gt2860rs, vitara's

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D16Z6, gt2860rs, vitara's

Tabbe Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:54 pm


I enjoy it every time someone posts up a dyno graph with their specs, so I just thought I should share my result from this weekend. My goal was not peak numbers, but a wide powerband, with decent power. Car is used for hpde's and a little autoX.

75.5 vitaras
Custom length I-beam rods
Bisi 2.4 turbo cam
Crower springs
Head milled 0.060"
Mild port job on head
Ported z6 intake mani
65mm TB

Turbo setup:
Go-Auto custom miniram
GT2860rs with .48ar T3 turbine housing
Tial 38mm wastegate, dump tube routed into exhaust
3" exhaust
Precision 350hp IC
2"/2.5" IC piping

Results are at the wheels from a Mustang dyno. Torque in NM and pressure in Bar

Thank you HRTuning for an awesome program! Very Happy


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