HRTuning is offering Crome users an upgrade path...

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HRTuning is offering Crome users an upgrade path...

HRTuning Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:42 pm

Some people think I'm crazy for doing this... but hey it's a new year and a different time. At one point the possibility of me continuing the development of Crome was discussed, but there's been no moves made by the parties who originally brought the idea up. So I'm doing this instead...

With the new Crome version supporting the Demon there's no draw backs to upgrading if you want to run NepTune on your race or main vehicle and still use Crome for other things. This means your Crome Pro license does not go to waste. You'll get the full capabilities of the NepTune software, including on board logging and PWM Boost Control. You can easily switch between using the Demon for Crome and using the Demon for NepTune, still making it accessible for tuning your secondary vehicles or your friends/customers who want Crome. And it's backed by a 20 day 100% satisfaction guarantee (More details in the link below). This deal won't be for everyone, and I understand that, but hopefully it will help some of you. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions feel free to post or PM me privately.

Spread the word to any of your friends who are still stuck on Crome.

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